Lent: An Internal Conflict

The other day I was listening to a sermon (a sermon is a talk based upon a Bible passage usually given at a church service) by John Piper while I was exercising.  He asked the question: “How do you know if you are a saved child of God?” (A saved person is someone who has […]

Love Opens Doors

The other day I was listening to a speech by a pastor by the name of Francis Chan.  Great speaker.  Great guy.  Check him out sometime.  He described a moment when he was on a plane flying back from Asia. He happened to be sitting next to a Muslim man.  Of course, Francis and the […]

Suffering Causes us to Re-Focus

This morning while I was exercising, I listened to a speech given by Pastor Eric Mason, the founding Pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA.  He was talking about the role of suffering in our lives and how it can make us stronger and lead us to give more glory to God.  God is the […]

The Seahawks and Worship

We are worshipers.  We pour out our heart, time, money, mind, and energy into someone or something.  That person or thing that we love becomes a functional god for us. For Seahawks fans (like myself) last night, we were heartbroken, and for some, very depressed.  Our heaven would have been celebration, watching Russell Wilson lift […]

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